I have a Degree cum laude in Jazz Guitar from the Landeskonservatorium of Klagenfurt (AT) and from Conservatorio Buzzolla of Adria (IT).

I work as a guitar player, producer and arranger for many great italian and international artists.

For three years I worked with the amazing actor Claudio Bisio in the show “Father and Son” with more than 180 shows in Italy and Switzerland.

Thanks to the collaboration with the maestro Mauro Ottolini I worked to the arrangements for orchestra of the last work of Patty Pravo and Marcella Bella. I also play guitar in his Mauro Ottolini 4tet.

Working with the maestro Valter Sivilotti I had the opportunity to play guitar or arrange for Simone Cristicchi, Katia Ricciarelli, Gigliola Cinquetti, Mogol.

I even worked with David Massey, Bob Singleton, Karen Asatrian, I Licaones, Paolo Silvestri, Rudy Fantin, Elsa Martin, Alberto Roveroni, Mal, Anna Tatangelo, Steven Slacks, Luisa Sello, Piero Sidoti.

I’m teaching Modern Music and Music Production at the Fondazione Bon of Colugna (UD) and at the Scuola di musica of Codroipo (UD).